Let’s Go: Isola Comacina – Part One


Isola Comacina is the only island on the lake and whose origins can be placed roughly around 400 B.C.  It is located off the west shore villages of Sala Comacina and Ossuccio.


Our journey to the island begins in Menaggio as all trips do, as that is where I live.  The boat ride south is truly the most beautiful on the lake due its staying close to the shore with the many stops it makes before we reach our destination, providing excellent views of the numerous elegant villas and other bright & colorful buildings and villages one passes along the way.  The boat we are on today is the gorgeous Milano – a ship of beautiful wood, large open-air decks (some covered), kitchen, bar and a maximum capacity of 350.

Villa Carlotta

One gets an elevated look at the Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo described as “a place of rare beauty where masterpieces of nature and art live together in perfect harmony in over 70,000 square metres of gardens & museums”.  I cannot argue with that & the spring flowering of the rhododendrens and azaleas is astonishing and not to be missed.

The next lakefront standout is the vibrant Hotel La Darsena also in Tremezzo, followed by Tremezzo’s large Parco Civico, an outrageously gorgeous public park with a cafe, beaches, volleyball court & probably the most beautiful sculptured foutain and staircase combo I have seen.


Tremezzo Parco Civico

Next, the boat passes by the prominent parochial church of St. Lorenzo at the south end of Parco Civico,  followed by one of Lake Como’s true gems, the elaborate Villa Serbelloni Sola Cabiati “La Quiete” with curving boat ramps, elegant rod iron gates, sculptured gardens and numerous other delicate decorations.

Chiesa di San Lorenzo


As the Milano moves away from shore heading for the next stop in Lenno, one gets a good view of the Sede Dell’Amila (2-story, white lakefront building to the right of center) designed by Pietro Lingeri (a leading figure of Lake Como’s Rationalism (1920-30s) and built in the shape of a ship for the Italian Speedboat Racing Association, now privately owned, followed by Lenno’s Hotel San Giorgio (built in the 1920s) and the beautiful Bay of Lenno.


Hotel San Giorgio - Lenno


Nearing our destination, the boat rounds the wooded promotory of Lavedo overlooking the lake with the exquisite Villa del Balbianello (a “place of delights”) and “panoramic terrace gardens where everything appears in perfect harmony with the shoreline and enchantment of the water”.

Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello

Close to docking, we get a good look at the Isola Comacina archaeological site of SS Faustine & Giovita (more on that later) and the island’s only restaurant (and truly gorgeous), the Locanda dell’Isola.



The Milano docks,  you disembark & head out on the island trails, and the boat departs for the village of Sala Comacina.

Sala Comacina, Milano

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  1. Wow!! These are some of your best pictures! Your pictures prove it’s the most beautiful place in the world!

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