My Mountain: Monte Grona & the Hamlet of Breglia

ImageThis is my mountain, Monte Grona, with it’s jagged peak above the hamlet of Breglia.

ImageMt. Grona rises up behind Menaggio at 1736 metres and is officially classified as residing in the Lugano Prealps section of the Western Alps.

ImageMt. Grona is always dramatic & feels ancient and mysterious with it’s series of spurs, towers and other formations that stretch from the Lugano area to Lake Como.  This view of the southern edge was taken from somewhere in the Val Senagra Park, with a piece of the tiny hamlet of Barna, middle right.

ImageA local resident of Breglia, told me that the mountain is frequented by geologists as this is where the tectonic plates of Northern Africa meet up with those of Southern Europe.  And so – my mountain is still growing.  This photo was taken from the next mountain to the south over-looking the village of Croce.

ImageWater literally oozes out of this mountain and that must be why Chiarella water makes its home here (  This is truly great water.  Drink it if you get a chance.  (Photo taken from more-or-less the north west, in the very early spring, looking down on Breglia.)

ImageSo, why “My Mountain?” Easy – I live on this mountain and that is my apartment below.

ImageThis morning, the view is fantastic.  Looking south-east I can see the Lecco leg of the lake and have a great view of Bellagio and the suburbs to the south.

ImageThe day is too beautiful to stay indoors and I decide to walk up the mountain.  Excellent bus service is available all the way to Breglia, but today I am walking as getting out to walk is one reason I live here.

ImageLooking north as I walk up the mountain, the day it is spectacular.  The air is clean, fresh and warm and the colors, bright and vivid, blow me away.

ImageWalking around you will run into plenty of signs to let you know where you are.



ImageToday the Iris are in bloom all up and down the road.

These views of the village are two of my favorites and Breglia looks fantastic this morning.



ImageThe Albergo Breglia, at the south end of the piazza, is popular with locals as a good chunk of the men gather daily to see what Enzo, hotel owner and chef, has cooked up for the lunch special.  The hotel is also popular with tourists who flock there from around the world to hike the mountain.

ImageThe Chiesa S. Gregorio is situated at the north end and is across from the soccer field.  Trailheads to San Domenico & to other mountain villages begin here.

ImageThe trail to the Santuario begins across from the Albergo Breglia and is an easy walk with a mixture of stones and terrain.

ImageHere is a little piece of information from the web about where we now are – The Shrine of Our Lady of Breglia (also called the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rosary).   Located on the hilltop Gordola, white and visible from far away, the shrine “dominates the center of the lake like a beacon on the hill, offering a panoramic view of rare beauty.”

ImageLeaving the Santuario, the trail to San Domenico is another easy one. This time of year, Lake Como, and all of it’s surroundings, are absolutely magnificent.



ImageSurrounded by all this gorgeous nature, seeing these horses at this moment was perfection.

Why make the walk out to the tiny San Domenico monument?

ImageBecause from this point is one of the most beautiful views of Lake Como that you will ever see.  That is Menaggio down there on the protruding triangle, with Nobiallo (with the boat docks), a little north of Menaggio.

ImageThe walk around the hilltop continues to blow my mind with as no matter where I look, the beauty just takes ones breath away.



ImageAnother local recommended these hiking tips:  Always carry your cell phone, a knife and some adhesive tape, and if you are walking without poles, pick up a suitable stick along the way.

At the end of the loop around the point, I enter the south end of the village, behind the church where the trail to the hillside villages above San Siro begins.


ImageI have noticed there is a particular affinity for Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs (yes – there will be more popping up in the blog).

I am not taking the walk north today, but took this shot from that trailhead.

ImageIt is time to walk back down. The view below was taken from above the village of Plesio, across from the Chiarella water works.


Stopping on the way down for a drink, I am treated to yet another fabulous view.


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  1. Some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen!

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